Computer Center

Established in 2005, the Lokniketan Computer Center has central computing facility and the nodal centre for conducting computer activities within the campus.

Vision :

  1. To train the students regarding the modern information tools of the world like computer.
  2. To develop skills of operating the various programmes of the computer.
  3. To prepare student as per the need of the modern professional system.

Objective :

  1. To educate large number of people of the state for computer.
  2. To provide latest technology to the villages and remote areas for the balanced development of the state.
  3. To provide equal opportunities to all for quality computer education.
  4. To provide computer training to the in-service employees of private and public sectors.
  5. To provide education of high quality to the persons aspiring for services in public and private sectors.

Evaluation Process :

The academic calendar for each year is provided for transparency in education system of institute. The student is constantly exposed to academic environment for effective learning. There is a continuous evaluation of students through examinations, quiz and session wise examinations.

Discipline and Attendance :

Regular attendance in the lectures, tutorials and other training program during the year is compulsory as stipulated by the institute.

Internet Facility :

We have exclusive internet lab consist of 30 PCs. to access white papers and other technical material of relevance to the faculty and students. The connectivity is through Broadband and is of 512 Kbps of bandwidth.

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