Yoga and Meditation

Lokniketan Institute has been running a Yoga and Meditation Centre in the institute since 2012. The Yoga and Meditation Centre was started for both students and staff with a lot of objectives – to understand the importance of maintaining good health, both physically and mentally, to have an understanding of life and peaceful living, to educate students on the spiritual dimension and how it affects our lives, to teach through yoga methods of warding of unnecessary stress,depression, anxietyand improving concentration.


Maharishi Patanjali is the 'father of Yoga' who compiled 195 Yoga Sutras that became the foundation of Yoga philosophy. The commentary on these sutras is called Bhashya. The core essence of Patanjali is the eightfold path of Yoga (Ashtanga Yoga) that focuses upon healthy living through Yoga.


Ever since June 21stwas declared as the World Yoga Day, Lokniketan has been celebrating this day with performances, talks and contests. 


Modern science has helped us in improving our standards of living, but it is only Yoga and Meditation that has given us a holistic approach to help overcome pain in life and gain lasting happiness. The Yoga and Meditation Centre at Lokniketan is a comprehensive attempt in this direction.

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